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10 Tips on effective SEO
Promote your website

You may be already doing some if not all of the things below.  However, if you are actively promoting your website it can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic driven to your website and in-turn business knocking at your door.  Most of the tips below are free and if you are doing any of them, pat yourself on your back!  For more information on the tips below, please call or email with questions:

  1. List website with major search engines: Google -, Yahoo -, Dmoz (open directory) etc
  2. Optimize text on your website -  rewrite keywords, descriptions, title and body text on pages within website to increase effectiveness of search engine lookups. Keywords can be focused on most profitable areas of the business.
  3. Create a site map – making it easier for search engines to index website
  4. Add Outgoing links - to external websites – Search engines show preference to websites with more outgoing links.
  5. Incoming Links -  reciprocal links to related websites.  This involves you talking with other business owners who may agree to add a link to your site from theirs if you add their website link on yours.
  6. Google Analytics - Although this will not necessarily increase traffic, it is a free web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Can also be used to create better targeted ads and focus on most profitable areas of the business
  7. Add alt tabs to Images – When mousing over images it displays a name. As images are not indexed, this helps search engines find text relating to the image should a user type in that particular keyword.
  8. Rename URL’s -  to describe function of page ex
  9. Start a blog – This can provide customers with any new services being offered by your company. It also keeps the website fresh and updated and will keep customers coming back.
  10. Youtube – create a video for youtube and add it to the website. This could be an informational video on services offered or products sold.
  11. Use Constant Contact/Bulk email program – Stay in touch with customers by emailing updates on news/happenings, new services, etc.

Although this is just a fraction of SEO, the can certainly help your potential client in a sea of irrelevant websites that pop up when typing in those all important keywords.


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